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​​​​ The law to assist persons who are victims of criminal offences and to facilitate their recovery is now in force. Consult the main changes brought about by this new law.​​​​​

 Steps in an application for qualification

​​​Filing of the application


Application Accepted

Your application has met the criteria stipulated by law.

A counsellor or compensation officer will contact you to assess your needs.


Telephone interview to establish your needs, clarify the mandate of IVAC, and inform you of any benefits you may qualify to receive. Under certain circumstances, this process may require a face-to-face meeting.

Treatment-Plan Implementation

IVAC will assess your crime-related injury in order to establish an effective care and treatment plan. Your rights to compensation will also be evaluated.

You will be advised by phone and mail of any decisions rendered in your case.

Regular follow-up by telephone will ensure that, given your needs, capabilities, and health status, your action plan is still relevant. You may be asked to provide documents such as medical and other reports. Under certain circumstances, this process may require a face-to-face meeting.

Depending on your health status, IVAC may determine that you are entitled to compensation for a permanent disability.

Assessing Sequelae and Functional Limitations

Sequelae may be physical, mental, dental, or cosmetic. They are assessed by your attending physician, IVAC’s Bureau médical, or a specialist in keeping with the table for anatomicophysiological deficits (APD).

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Assessment of Loss of Working Capacity (LWC)

Where functional limitations do exist, IVAC will assess your loss of working capacity.

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Occupational-Rehabilitation Program

Where, because of the functional limitations resulting from a crime, you are unable to return to your employment or fulltime studies, programs to enable you to do so may be available.

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Payment of Compensation for Permanent Disability

APD + LWC = Permanent Disability

A permanent disability may entitle you to receive a capital sum or lifetime annuity.

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Application denied

You have 90 days to challenge a decision by submitting a written request for review to IVAC. You can fill out the online Request for Review form.

A written request for review must contain the following information and documents

  • the name and contact information of the victim and the person representing the victim, if applicable
  • the date of the decision being challenged
  • the purpose of the decision being challenged
  • the main reasons for the challenge
  • the documents or other elements that will be presented
  • the reasons for the delay if the application is submitted after the deadline

Request for review

The review allows for a reassessment of the eligibility of your application for qualification. As a result of the review, your application may be accepted or the denial decision may be upheld.

Following a request for review, a decision is rendered by the Bureau de la révision administrative. If your request for qualification is accepted, your file is taken over by IVAC.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your request for review, you have 60 days to to file a dispute with the Tribunal administratif du Québec.

Challenge to the Tribunal administratif du Québec

The Tribunal administratif du Québec will review your challenge to the refusal of your application for qualification. After this analysis, a new decision will be rendered. If your application for qualification is accepted, your file will be handled by IVAC.

Next, select the status of the application to view the steps involved.

Application denied



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